Reading books.



I’ve always loved books.Ever since my Dad first read me the Hobbit I have been fascinated by what they can offer any person of any age. One of the many wonderful qualities I enjoy about them is that unlike many other forms of media every bodies interpretation of the written words can be completely and fantastically varied and special. One person reading a book can create in their head motivations and back story that is completely different to another person’s, and in doing so creates a special and unique bond, having made that character their own. Perhaps that is why it is an oft stated opinion that once a book is released to the reading audience then it is no longer the authors. This is, at least in my humble opinion, because the story and its characters are each split into a myriad of shards each reflecting a different quality of the story and its elements in each persons mind, and this along with a respectable quality of prose and story is what fuels debate and enjoyment of the stories among people of all types and creeds.


This is why I think it is sad that so many people are turning away from books, a gift that many people can’t enjoy. Whether it is from the more immediate and ‘easy’ consumption of video games and movies and their ilk, as beautiful and separately fulfilling as they may be, or the disregard of books in favour of reading magazines and internet articles, the fact that so many forget the wonders to be found in books is saddening. I myself have come to put the book down in favour of other things that give a more immediate mental stimulation that doesn’t require the constant retention of details and motivations of many books characters and stories, much to my chagrin. I think in my case it is because I so quickly leap to the computer whenever I have some time to burn.


So if you’ve managed to find this post and soldiered through it, do yourself a favour and give that book you’ve had on your list of things to do an evening to entrance you, with no easy distractions like the television or Facebook open in the background. Treat it like a date, grab some dinner, light some candles and sit down with the book and read the heck out of it. And if it can’t capture you with a little one on one time, put it down. The great thing is, there are so many stories out there begging to be read and enjoyed.